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So, you fancy yourself on the small screen? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The Central London School of TV and Media Training offers media presenter courses that are perfect if you’re looking to get into the TV industry or just to improve your on-screen presentation skills. Our TV Presenter Training Course is designed to give you the confidence and ability to present on camera, whatever your audience. If your ambition is to present live TV, to stand out on any social media platform or if you just want to perform better giving a work presentation on a webcam – our course is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are presenting broadcast news, performing on TikTok, making a YouTube clip, going live on Facebook or Instagram or talking to colleagues on Zoom, when you on camera you need to perform at your very best and we will help you achive that!

Here in the heart of Central London we have the most qualified media training team in the UK who will cater for your every need and guarantee you not only learn how to become a TV Presenter but also have a complete blast! Our course will give you the skills to be able to perform confidently in front of the camera and deal with any tricky situations you may encounter.

We can also help train you to perform and present yourself in the very best light as an interviewee or on camera guest too. In fact we can create a bespoke course for your individual needs if you tell us what areas you want to improve on – just get in touch!

It isn’t a conventional media school, it’s a top-notch TV Training Academy where you get 1-1 Media Coaching from a group of seasoned professionals. Head tutor Steve Blacknell is the UK’s most experienced TV Presenter/Coach. Steve has over forty years presenting experience on both sides of the Atlantic with the BBC, CNN, MTV USA. www.steveblacknell.com

So why not give it a go and sign up for our TV Presenter Course? You may discover hitherto hidden talents that can change your life and surprise your friends, your family and most importantly yourself!

The Central London School of TV and Media Training

The TV Presenter Course take place at Spotlight Studios in the very heart of London’s Covent Garden with so many world famous London landmarks to admire, and a huge variety of international eateries and pubs to explore nearby.

“Our TV Presenter Courses are a whole new experience and really set us apart from all the others” says TV and Media Trainer Steve Blacknell. “We have seen how other TV training companies work and to be honest, they haven’t impressed us much.  They have rigid rules with no room for individual attention and it all feels a bit like being back at school.”

We want to provide an authentic experience that you won’t forget. You’ll feel special, and instead of shoving a bewildering array of lengthy and over-priced courses at you, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your specific requirements.

The best compliment we could hear from a student at the end of the day would be:

“I learned so much and laughed my way through the day too!”

Essentially, we guarantee you will receive the warmest welcome and as experienced media networkers we’ll make sure you become instant chums with your fellow students! We’ll even introduce you to Steve Blacknell’s famous media networking group THE WAFFLE CLUB where you can network with media professionals and create your own set of exclusive media connections.

Our own specially designed one day TV Presenter Course will give you a full picture of just what it takes to get yourself ‘on-screen’ and includes Steve’s very own autocue system which has been tried and tested around the world to huge acclaim.

Welcome to the UK’s number one TV Presenter course!

Our team is fronted by Steve Blacknell, the UK’s most experienced TV Presenter/Coach. Steve has over forty years presenting experience on both sides of the Atlantic with the BBC, CNN and MTV USA and he has now spent over fifteen years as a presentation coach. He comes with an abundance of on-camera live television experience unlike many trainers who have just produced, directed or appeared once on QVC!​

The team is completed by seasoned producer/broadcaster Nick Carpenter alongside music and media marketing giant Dave Beeching.