Our TV Training Course



The essential areas we focus on during our unique one day media training course



The course runs from 10:00am to 5:30pm with a 45-minute break for lunch. Complimentary tea, coffee and water are available throughout the day.


An introduction to the basics of ‘delivery with passion’

First, we look at you and what might need improving. To communicate outside your comfort zone is actually easier that in sounds. It’s just a matter of getting the basics on board then practice, practice, practice!


‘Likeability’ and how to use it to your advantage

Being on TV is just like recreating real life in an artificial situation. Skilful TV Presenters and free flowing communicators are often thought of as another species, but is it just blessed ability?

Well ability is one thing but LIKE-ability is everything!

If there are three candidates for a job and all equally qualified, who will the employer pick?  It’s easy. will always be the one they like the most.


Television Presentation is ‘real life in another bubble’

How do we replicate those cosy private moments in a social situation?

Why do we freeze when we are outside our comfort zone?

It’s one thing telling a joke in a pub or spouting a best man speech into a mirror – but why is it that when we step out of our accustomed normality we go to pieces?

How come we talk to people every day without thinking about what to say next yet go to bits in an interview situation?

Why can we talk freely and warmly with chums yet are like a cat in the headlights when we are called upon to clamber out of that safety net.


Reading your script

The wonders of autocue and how it can give you confidence




‘The eyes have it’

Intimacy is the key. We talk with our eyes – NOT our mouths!

It’s said that you make your mind up about any new person you meet within 10 seconds so the initial contact is vital to any potential relationship

If you don’t click, then that relationship may be in jeopardy and any exchange of information will be doomed… and so it is on camera!


‘Block and dot’

Unlock the mystery of how to write a good script and in just one hour, become a better communicator thanks to the magnificent power of ‘Block and Dot’

This easy to learn acclaimed system can transform you into another world. You get to try it so you can take home its secrets and apply it to your own personal situation

This our trademarked DIY messaging method.  Perfected over four decades around the world from Steve’s BBC and MTV beginnings to his eight years in Hollywood, we can now share these unique tricks of the trade and how to use them to change your life!


‘Brand on the run’

If you put a handful of detergent on the table and say that it washes dishes, that’s an idea. You can box it up and stack on the shelf at the supermarket easily enough… but if you call it something and give it a worth – only then will people buy into it.

To be successful on television you must be airtight as a brand. TV Presenters must be everything – not just likeable, but credible, and BELIEVABLE!

We concentrate on real ‘on-camera’ work. We look at how to interview or be interviewed and the importance of understanding both ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions. We will teach you how to spot and the avoid common pitfalls and keep your calm!

We discuss all the scenarios that may be useful to you, talk social media, live work vs recorded sessions, the challenges of filming outside, all the distractions that can cause you to lose your focus and tips on how to keep it


The power of good communication is no mystery. We all have it within us. It’s just a matter of following a few simple rules.

You will leave our TV Training Course with all the tools you need to take yourself to the next level!


The cost of our courses range from £299.00 – £499.00 which includes a globally assured certificate of completion presented on the day. For a small extra cost, the edited digital file of your on-camera work with us can also be delivered to you which you can use as a showreel.

Bespoke ‘one-on-one’ training as well as deluxe showreels are available on request. We can also undertake group training sessions for corporate clients – please get in touch via info@tvmediatraining.com to enquire about our competitive rates.